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The Hotel Golf, owes their name because of the Golf was next to it.
It's erected between 1908 and 1909. as neo-Basque palace. 

Deployed in fan, with their protected beautiful front of the western wind,
it was designed by the architect François-Joseph Cazalis, that resided in Baiona.
A wing was added to his left in 1911.

The owner, Mr. Fourneau, had wanted to give him a Navarrese style
outside and rather English inside.

Built at an angle, to offer a view of the sea and the mountains,
as a neo-Basque palace,

It was sold and converted into apartments in 1954.
Since 1909 this Hotel follow its brilliant term.
Every house of surroundings have changed, but
there is still this elegant BUILDING
history of a moment (3 stories),
surviving portrait of a time where ladies and gentlemen came from far away lands to enjoy
the landscape, the beach and their appreciated waters.

Diverse centers of Talasoterapia still remain, throughout the Basque coast.

Their singular presence celebrates that, at least,
some excellences of the past, resists the test of time.

There is a parking inside the enclosure, for guests.
After numerous intents of making front to the waves of the sea during two centuries; since the XVII century with the celebrated architect Vauban, always failed for reasons financial mainly, toward the end of the XIX is consolided the transformation of the walk; for where before the train circulated, when sea and sun bathing become popular, concluding the walk until the hill (quarter Sainte-Barbe) toward 1932.
In these images, among the years 10 and 50.
In the following years
it is already configured
the current layout, like
it's appreciable up.

This Hotel remains,
in this way, as an elegant souvenir
of one century ago
in one of the current most attractive walks
in the Basque coast.