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BEDROOM with double BED (140 x 190cm),
MATTRESS Simmons, with suspension of widespread wharves, thickness: 21cm, [bought in the Summer of 2014].
small table (in wood) & bedtime table lamp tactilebig WARDROBE with sliding mirror doors.
Floor of sweet and velvety CARPET, blue sky, to be able to walk shoeless with great pleasure.
[Vacuum cleaner: Miele, model S5210, 300-2200W (for the carpet)]

Electrical radiator: Pacifique, 1.500W (800x450x85mm) [bought in the Autumn of 2011],
High power of radiant panel: homogeneous heat that does not dry the air of the ambience
Émetteur silencieux à haute émissivité. Régulation électronique, programmable par fil pilote 6 ordres. Case of Digital thermostat with display of the temperature

DESK, with adjustable
& a folding chair in wood

Sheets, Blankets and Bedspread are furnished.

                                                                            On the right: 
                                       View from the window (overview)