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Biarritz is to 14 km, in the north; Saint Sebastian, in the south, to 28 km, arriving in short time by motorway.
The place is privileged, mainly in summer, for the combination of the beach (WebCam), the entertainments of the village (excellent music concerts in the kiosk every night, in the Square
Louis XIV
 -next to the King's house, erected in 1637-;*Site officiel), beside the port, and the small
hill of Sainte-Barbe, special corner to go for a walk and to contemplate the Bay.
The village
still conserves charming corners with buildings of a traditional constructive style, derived from the typical Basque rural house.
This architecture is visible mainly in the centre, built in the 17th century and laid out around Place Louis XIV and the harbour, a time when King Louis XIV married the Spanish Infanta, Marie-Thèrèse. Around the village there are some castles (Urtubi, in Urrugne; Abbadie, in Hendaye...) reconverted in Museums, and now they suppose an authentic lesson of History.
They are organized trips in ship through the coast, going by Hondarribia, including the possibility to fish from some boats...

(Left, Reproduction by Gaëlle Mersch. Up, The house Louis XIV, the castles of Urtubie and Abbadie)
Terraces beside the Kiosk of the Square Lous XIV.  A painting of the Square, from the port, by Natacha Best in 1998.  Julian Lacaze's advertising poster.
There are several parks for the children, although none better than the same beach (very safe for them, because of the dykes), where they are organized numerous activities of entertainment-games so that nobody gets bored, in the summer.
The centre of Thalassotherapy, with their
pool and jets of sea's water, it's located on
foot of the big beach (as "La Perla", in Saint Sebastien). It works during the whole day,
20€ (12'30h to 14'30h) or 40€ (whole day): Hamman, Sauna, aquagym...),
-the entrance is not allowed to smaller than 14 years-.
Nearby, the Casino of the Pergola, a masterpiece of the art deco, with its aspect
of ship ran aground next to the sea.
There are excellent restaurants with fresh fish and original products of the region, in numerous restaurants. With terraces outdoors, like next to the castle of Sokoa whose pier is very visited to go for a walk, enjoying the break of the waves.
There are a lot of possibilities to explore this area and their SURROUNDINGS.
We suggest, for example, the next links to take a look and to verify the exploration alternatives & enjoyment from this place:
Basque culture website  and  Tourist Office.                 (Up, Oil painting by Albert Marquet in 1907.  Below, around the Castle of Sokoa) .