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BATHROOM   Integrated to the Bedroom as differentiated & separate stays.  
           A) On the one hand:
WC on foot Prima, from ALLIA,
with a Tank ( silent mechanism 3/6 double-hunting team)
and Bowl (length: 60 cm) in white ceramic.
Flap closure slowed down, white.

toilet paper holder, a short-handled brush & container.

Painting on the wall, with aerial photo of the flat's surroundings.

                      B) On the other hand: SHOWER, WASHBOWL & DRY TOWELS
SHOWER area with receiver Duravit 100x80cm, white slip-resistant.
Column shower Hansgrohe, with thermostatic mixer,
allows to set a constant water temperature.

Folding glass entrance. Wall tile in marbre. Pedal bin, 3L, odour proof closure, 25x16'5cm, brilliant steel
      WASHBOWL with mirror, 2 bulbs. 2 glass shelves. Soap holder. Dustbin with fermeture   3Litres. Glass cup with some dried lavender flowers.

                                  Radiator &
DRY TOWELS & dry laundry: three in one.
             Fluid inertia Deltacalor Stendino, 500W. Class 2 (double electrical insulation). Rotating rack system (the highest part rises to dry several towels at the same time). Pilot wire: 6 orders. Electronic thermostat. White, 117x50cm

          * HAIR DRYER Babyliss Pro 2200W: ultra-fast drying (110km/h),
        quiet (82 db), technology Ionique (free of frizz and static electricity),
     2 speeds/3 temperatures, concentrator ultra-thin 6mm (style & blowdry with precision)

  .- On the floor:
blades 'iceland grey', water resistant laminated vinyl. Thickness: 4mm
                                                They are furnished:    * Bath's carpet, blue, 50x80cm, or similar. * Role of water.
                                             * 2 Bath & Main Towels, minimum, for every one, for every week.