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Under the roofs of Ciboure,
you see,
it's possible to live
happy and well together.

Under the roofs of Ciboure,
you see,
in the room,in the kitchen,
when flourishes the spring,

the air was very pure
and the sky blue.

Under the roofs of Ciboure
it's understood,
a little more
every day,
what that's happiness"
A shelter,
closer to the sky

against the monotony,
in a place,
under the wood & stars,
where it could
to feel like home.

We look forward to
welcoming you
in our flat in the attic!

Inside in Ciboure 1940 Henri MATISSE   Behind Sunset on the lighthouse and fort of Socoa Peio ETXE
Behind, views from Sokoa, Ziburu: by ikuskerak)
Hotel's Room 1931  Edward HOPPER