How to come to the apartment?

The accesses depend on the way of transport and the direction of origin.
Any map can make very comfortable being faced, but we are going to propose here four possible routes, as one proceeds by highway, train or plane, taking the possibilities of Google.

we suggest the exit for the Freeway A-63 at the end of the same locality,

one gains access
coming from the North,
crossing Biarritz (Saint-Jean-De-Luz North,
Exit Nº 3);

from the South, crossing Hendaye
(Saint-Jean-de-Luz South,
Exit Nº 2, here in the photo).

It's possible to choose by the National Route (N-10) or by the same cornice.
Undoubtedly, more picturesque and entertaining (the way for the cornice Hendaye to Ciboure is very beautiful),
but it does not surprise to find more traffic, in summer, and is taken more time.

From the Airport,
from Biarritz or Hondarribia, after heading by the Freeway A63, by the access to the town in the stated places.

From the stop of the train,
The Station of Ciboure-Saint Jean de Luz
, on foot,  it's necessary only to cross the bridge into Ciboure. There are only 700 meters. 

This is, then, the scheme: (-to click above-)

1.  By highway

A) From the Freeway A63, South Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Exit Nº2), coming from Irún-Hendaye.

B) From the Freeway A63, Saint-Jean-de-Luz NORTH (Exit Nº 3), coming from Bayonne-Biarritz

2.  By Train, from the Station, on foot

3.  By Plane
A) From the Airport of Biarritz
Direct Flights from Paris, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand, Gèneve, Londres, Birmingham, Dublin, Francfort and Shannon.
B) From the Airport of Hondarribia-San Sebastián
Direct Flights from Barcelona and Madrid.