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             The BEDROOM has a double bed, 140 x 190cm.

   SLATTED BASE Lotus (= The natural latex, beyond its durability, it has elasticity
 & firmness properties, witch make it adaptable to the body creating a good rest
(thickness: 15cm)

  MATTRESS Simmons, with suspension of widespread wharves (thickness: 21cm)

                                                                    Side winter (side vignette) & summer.

            2 light fixtures in the big photo Opening of the heavens on the fort of Sokoa,
           above the bed.
Petite lampe sur le chevet de bois (hêtre).

              MIRROR, 57x157cm (40x140cm, without wand) shelves, and a space of          wardrobe opened to hang jackets, shirts… Set of 12 wood hanger.
   An electrical radiator, under the shelves.  

with a ROLLER SHUTTER VELUX (of solar energy),
who reinforces thermal insulation (stops 93% of the heat).

It's operated by remote control (of high-wireless technology),
from whatever place of the room.

A WINDOW (double glazing) with courtain,
looks onto
the skirt of the mountain in face.

The bed is presented ready. Sheets (of biological cotton),
Blankets and Bedspread are furnished
WARDROBE: on top right, réglette LED Stixx (3 piles) fixé horizontalement, en acier brossé, length 22cm + Ø 1'6cm
Les différentes textures (tableaux, bois, tissus) se marient à des couleurs neutres comme le blanc ou le gris clair