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Our houses take part of our need to take advantage of time and space. Frank Lloyd Wright resolved, in this way, when designed housings, to join the spaces arranged by functions, without barriers.
Mutable spaces -varieties of uses-. Transparent Separations & Polyvalent equipment (clic-clac armchairs...)
Easier homes, without cubby holes, more comfortable of supporting clean, better illuminated, with the light penetrating everything, without walls or unnecessary barriers.
Freer places, where closets and shelves they are as skins extensions from
the wall. More fluid, where chairs and furniture (folding or easier to pile)
allow being contagious with the mobility of the individual.
This exposition flutters on this 24 sqm reformed garret, in the 2nd and top floor of an ancient residence,
in scarce distance from the beach & park, in a wooded street
dedicated to the first French romantic poet, Alphonse de Lamartine ('Only one is missing and everything is deserted'),
in the same palpitation for the withdrawal, the fantasy, the inspiration and... romance.
  We are in  BIARRITZ                       perfectly adapted to 1-2 guests
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