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exposure to the West, integrating the STAY of Entry,

is provided with a BED-armchair (140 x 190cm), and a wide WARDROBE (156 x 216 x 63cm) of sliding doors with mirror.

WINDOW double glazing,
with curtains and store wrap, which has lift system.

Under the window: a Electrical RADIATOR of white crystal,
(radiant heat, 1000W)
, that: spreads the heat in a homogeneous way from the ground to the ceiling; it doesn't dry the air, allowing an excellent comfort. A thermostat easy to be regulated.

Diverse furniture with shelves surround the entry, for the wide storage of objects,
a TV
KDL-22BX20D, 22', HD
, 1366 X 768p.,

Full High Definition, Bravia technology,
a digital tuner HD & a magnificent vision quality. It takes DVD incorporated.

Diverse Elements:
* INTERCOM, which allows communication
& opening of the building's door.
* Folding wooden stairs -chestnut colour-
of two steps
(height: 46cm).

* Standard lamp (178cm),
with side adjustable table-lamp.

* Soft cushion of orange colour.