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Under the warmth of a Hotel

Sweet home
born to take refuge and shelter,
after the raids in unexplored areas or between the near waves

Look mobile to orientate over the surroundings realities.
Area charitable after the knowledge of the visited places visited.

Natural return to the intimacy.
Place of confidence,
to discharge the worries & to feel fulfilled free and released

The scenery of a city is revealed different & full of surprises,
from the renewed view & perspective of a new & singular hotel.
This elegant reflex of one century ago gets up still elegantly & calmly
next to the oceanic waters, with the splendor of his interior,
wide, high, hospitable stays.

A big ancient room constitute now this Apartment, 26 sq. m.,
in the first floor, with balcony, in front of the sea,
to which one gains access for stately stairs or for an elevator,
portrait of artistic antiquity, mirror of an epoch.

It's easy to imagine Gloria Swanson, descending for his footbridge of wide steps, along with the receiver, while a nostalgic look contemplates
the twinkle of the glorious times.
It's not "Sunset Boulevard", but something remains in Boulevard Thiers, the Avenue of  SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ, which surrounds the beach up to the hill of the Lighthouse, where the Bay shows us esthetic experience; there where the couple of Rohmer's movie, after starter travel, was watching, finally, "the green ray", augury of beautiful experiences.
Escalier d'entrée